Hi, I’m Daniel!

My friends know me as DMP. What started out as a nickname has stuck as my professional name.

I am a teen artist living in Middle Tennessee. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, especially the beautiful landscapes that Tennessee has to offer. Painting allows me to express myself in ways I sometimes cannot express in words. 

About DMP: Design. Paint. Create.

My favorite painting technique is impasto, I just love the texture and character it gives to a painting. For me, art is a way of living. I am always thinking of new ways to paint or how to use (mix) colors. One of my favorite colors to use in my painting is sap green.

DMP takes the Frist!

Now through September 5th, 2021, one of my paintings is part of the exhibition Teens take the Frist! at the First Art Museum. I am honored to be part of this year’s exhibition because as they expressed, “art has become more important than ever as an avenue of communication and connection.”

DMP Frist Art Museum
Painting: La Margarita Dijo No.

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